Naro Ohanesyan’s speech during the “Child’s Rights in the Eyes of Children” Conference

Good day everyone. First of all, I would like to congratulate us all on this occasion. Yes, I congratulate us all since I also was congratulated for the International Child Protection day, despite the fact that I am already 20-years-old.

Let me introduce myself. I am Naro. I was born in Iraq, and for many years now I live in Armenia. I divide my life into two sections:  prior to volunteering and post volunteering.

Prior to volunteering, I believed that I am a regular girl without any unique capabilities and talents. One day, when my mother received a phone call about my participation in a certain project, she accepted and I joined the project…

After participating in the project, I realized that I have many tasks to accomplish in this world.

Little Naro would never imagine that today she would stand here and deliver a speech. I would never picture that I may take practical lessons at UNICEF. That was one of my most significant achievements. I had no hope that I would enter, but when I received an email, I requested that my friends read it for me since I had no hopes of passing.

My slogan is “Be the change you want to see in the world,” and in truth, I began to live this way:  to learn, to develop, to move forward.

Volunteering extended the opportunity to self-educate, to develop, and to move forward with little steps. And parallel to this, I help others to complete their steps as well.

Volunteering provides very important things. I have volunteered in different fields, and this brought me to my current profession. That is, social work. I love my profession and highly prioritize it.

Volunteering is a wonderful opportunity to self-educate. One needs to join the knowledge obtained from school, reading books and small aspects of life in general. For example, I ask endless questions to my professors since I try to learn more about my profession. You should do the same. Try to learn new and distinctive information from your teachers, acquaintances and even non-acquaintances.

Do not compare yourself with others. Compare yourself to your yesterday’s self. I compare myself to the Naro of yesterday, attempting to make today’s and tomorrow’s Naro a better person, the person whom I wish to see.

Thank you for listening to me. I congratulate us once again. Treasure the child in you, and do not stop being a youngster.