Lucia Harutyunyan’s Speech during the “Child’s Rights in the Eyes of Children” Conference

Nowadays, the entire world, especially Armenia, is in a chaos of war, and this entails violations of human rights, specifically a violation of children’s rights:  an unhealthy childhood, an incomplete society.

We realize that power creates rights. We know that the Armenian Soldier is the protector of our state; however, we also understand that the all-silent world will not stop anything, and the Damocles sword hangs on the heads of small nationalities. Destinies and lives are distorted 

Children in border residence areas and also in Artsakh live in a constant experience of fear. Schools, educational-cultural institutions and peaceful residents are constantly under the target of the enemy, endangering the lives so much as the lives of the enemy’s children on the opposite side of the border, but the world does not notice this all. The first solution to the problem is the recognition of this issue by the international community and receiving security guarantees; however, what sort of guarantees can help children in this carnivorous world, where the weak fall in their fight with the mighty.

One good example:  a child of a multi-child family, who was saved by a miracle while relocating from Hadrut to Gugark during the 44-Day War of 2020, was attending our school. I saw how that child was shaking and losing their ability to speak when an airplane was passing through the peaceful sky, when they would hear the loud voices of adults, which formed an alarm in them, reminding them of  the fears of escape. Although I would rather not hear it, I heard the conversation of that child’s grandmother with the teacher. The grandmother was saying that they only have a week’s food left, and one would not leave a child hungry.

And the example of that child pushed me to choose this topic.

Should we be silent? How long? How? Why?

It is difficult to persuade children who live with the dream to return to their birthplace and have not fully recovered psychologically that people are kind, and that you must study well, you must get used to the reality.


What is missing in the world, dear adults, to finally end wars, for people to end killing one another, for children to enjoy living, creating and the right and pleasure to education under a peaceful sky, and the opportunity and honor to be a good person and a dignified citizen for society?

Love is missing in the world, in a person.

Love and tolerance.

Please, protect children. Become a good example for children, or allow us to be a translator of kindness and love for the world, before the world.