Who is the Human Right’s Defender?

The Human Rights Defender is the person to whom everyone can apply for the protection of their rights when state or local self-governing body or official and in some cases an organization has violated their rights.

How to apply?

You may apply to the Human Rights Defender by calling, writing, sending an e-mail or visiting the Defender’s Office.

What happens when you send an application to the Human Right’s Defender?

After receiving your application it is immediately sent to the relevant specialist.

When there are questions in your application that need clarification our specialists will contact you.

Once the application is received, a specialist will examine it and if the facts and the law allow discussion procedure of the application is initiated.

It is very important to know that even if taking into consideration the requirements of the law, we cannot start discussion procedure of your application, we will refer you to the body which can protect your rights in that situation will follow that your rights and interests are protected.

Who can submit an application to the Defender?

Everyone has the right to submit a complaint to the Defender.

How to write a complaint?

We understand that it is often difficult to formulate and write down your thoughts and ideas when your rights have been violated. In the application addressed to the Defender you are free to write down your problem in a manner you prefer, as you would tell it to your close friend.

What to write in a complaint?

You should indicate your name in your complaint as the law does not allow the Defender to discuss anonymous complaints. When you mention your name in your complaint you allow us to protect your rights easily. We will never tell your name to another body unless you want it.

When the Defender cannot help you?

If you have argued with your friends, parents or close friends or you think that they violate your rights then the Defender cannot help you.  However, you can apply to the Defender and our specialists will tell you what you can do and what rights you have.

What to do when you just have a question about your rights?

You can ask the Defender any question related to your rights and our specialists will give you advice.

Do you have to pay for applying to the Defender?

Applying to the RA Human Rights Defender is free of charge.

How will the Human Rights Defender help you to restore your rights?

After discussing the complaint and finding violations of human rights and freedoms, the Defender propose to the respective state or local self-governing body or their officials responsible for the violation to eliminate the committed violations.

The Human Rights Defender also indicates the possible measures necessary and subject to implementation for restitution of human rights and fundamental freedoms.

The Defender can recommend that the authorized state bodies execute disciplinary or administrative penalties or file criminal charges against the official whose decisions or actions (inaction) violated human rights and fundamental freedoms, as well as take other measures prescribed law.