As a result of the Defender’s visit, six children were transferred from a special school to an inclusive one: a follow up visit was conducted to the Yerevan Special School N2

The Human Rights Defender made an unannounced visit to the Yerevan Special School N2 under the authority of the Yerevan Municipality. He got acquainted with the situation in the institution of child care and protection, as well as with the work undertaken to solve the problems that had been recorded during the monitoring visit last year.

As a result of this visit, problems were also revealed. For the solution of those, the following steps should be taken:

  • Most children still do not have certificates while the availability of those is an important precondition for admission to the institution,
  • There should be a record book for cases of violence against and among children,
  • Round-the-clock presence of medical personnel should be ensured,
  • Medical care and medicine should be provided to children by personnel with medical education,
  • Textbooks adapted for children with mental issues should be available,
  • A training system for professionals working in special schools should be introduced,
  • The building’s roof and bedrooms are in need of immediate renovation, etc.It should be noted that a number of positive changes were recorded in the institution after the unannounced visit of the Defender’s representatives in September last year. In particular, six children were transferred to an inclusive school.

In addition, soap and toilet paper are already available in toilets, there is a separated and repaired medical isolator, cooperation is established with the regional polyclinic, which also provides medical services to the children of the establishment, a complaint box is available for children, etc.

The identified problems will be thoroughly analyzed and concrete recommendations will be presented to the competent authorities for their solution.