The child’s best interest is a priority in every situation

Following the event dedicated to the discussion of a sexual education book for children the Human Rights Defender examined the public discussions.

It is in the child’s best interest to be brought up and raised in the family, under the care and attention of parents.

The Constitution of Armenia provides that parents have a right and an obligation to take care of their children’s upbringing, education, health, and their full and harmonious development.

Children who grow up and receive their education in orphanages or other institutions should also be equally protected.

Along with these standards, one of our priorities is to protect our children from all forms of abuse, including sexual harassment.

Unfortunately, in our country there are cases of sexual harassment, which carry severe consequences for children, which is proven by statistical data.

One of the guarantees for the protection of children from these abuses is the awareness of both parents and children, in line with the latter’s age development.

It is obvious that the issues of children’s upbringing are sensitive and under special attention in our society.

Awareness-raising activities itself are very important, however, in each case such activities should be prepared, organized and implemented in a manner that will not cause such public response or tension.

The monitoring of social networks conducted by the Human Rights Defender’s Office on that issue recorded that discussions are often accompanied by degrading publications and comments.

This of course undermines the course of public discussion and does not allow for understanding the essence of the issue under discussion.

The Armenian Constitution and legislation guarantee the equality of all before the law and the protection of all citizens from insult, humiliating words, and threat of violence.

Attaching importance to awareness activities and having such legal mandate, the Human Rights Defender will examine the mentioned field for identifying and taking appropriate steps.