David Amirshatyan, Zhorzh Lalayan, Maria Poghosyan and Bella Hayrapetyan’s speech during the “Child’s Rights in the Eyes of Children” Conference

Today you have entered the environment in which I entered once.

Greetings, I am Zhorzh. Years ago I was attending a camp, where I was the only deaf. I was in a horrible situation. I was introverted, and I did not wish to speak the few words that I could.

I decided to teach the children of the camp sign language. I taught them the song “My little boat”, “Im Poqrik Navak”. It was a success because the entire camp sang the song in sign language.

I am preparing to study at the Yerevan Institute of Theatre and Cinema. I have a right to obtain the translations of the materials that are taught. I simply listen with my eyes.

I thank the organizers of this event, and I thank you for giving me the opportunity of a speech.


I am Maria. I like to sing and recite poetry in sign language.

I am currently graduating from the special school of children with listening disorders. I am very interested in pantomime, and I am going to study at the Yerevan Institute of Theater and Cinema.

Learning sign language in Armenia is a problem; nevertheless, it is necessary to learn it. I ask all of you to learn our language and recognize our culture. I know that there is a need for sign language experts. Therefore, my wish is that the society at-large will learn to communicate in sign language.

I thank you for listening to me.


I am Davit. I really like to draw.

I am confident that you all are capable of learning sign language. With that, you will get to know the culture of the people with listening disorders, and you will recognize us and like us.

I hope that the problems which we raised today will not remain unanswered.

I like you all. We all can be good friends. Please, acquire our language and get to know our culture. I thank you.


I am Bella. I was born and raised in a family of the deaf. My parents are deaf; however, I have had a complete childhood.

Now, I am graduating from my school.

I wish to study at the Yerevan Institute of Theater and Cinema. I have a right to receive the materials taught by translations because sign language is an award given to me by God. The relevant bodies must properly pay attention to this all. You listen with your ears, I listen with my eyes.

I thank you for your attention.