The number of complaints on domestic violence cases addressed to the Human Rights Defender has doubled

In 2019 the Human Rights Defender received 100 complaints with regard to domestic violence, which is almost two times more than the number of complaints (50) from the last year.

During 2018, as well as 2019, the majority of the complaints addressed to the Human Rights Defender were on the violence committed by a husband towards a woman.

The protection of women’s rights, prevention of any type of violence towards a woman, and the fight against such violence are one of the primary directions of the Human Rights Defender’s work.

The increase of the number of complaints is also conditioned by the Human Rights Defender’s awareness-raising project of the last year, in the framework of which video materials on the legislative mechanisms for protection of persons subjected to domestic violence and on promoting equality within the family were filmed and broadcasted, as well as posters were installed in the bus stops of Yerevan. The posters can be activated by the Arloopa app, that allows the citizens to watch the video message.

Guidelines in Armenian, English, Russian, French and in Braille on receiving the Human Rights Defender’s assistance with regard to domestic violence cases were prepared, as well as a separate guide for building the capacity of the Defender’s Office was prepared, the methodology of which is used while interviewing victims of domestic violence.

The guidelines prepared for citizens were disseminated through the regions.

Legal consultation and guidance were provided for the complaints addressed to the Human Rights Defender.