Tamara Vardanyan’s Speech during the “Child’s Rights in the Eyes of Children” Conference

Dear attendees,

I want to touch upon children with disabilities, the involvement of children during martial operations and the rights of refugee children.

First, I will touch upon the development of a child in pre-schools, schools and other educational institutions, the programs that enhance educatedness and activeness and the involvement of children with disabilities. In certain educational institutions, there are programs, which are educational programs, aimed at development, but there are no contributing factors that assist to achieve it, and a child with a disability experiences stress and bullying in these conditions.

The second point links to the involvement in martial operations of individuals below the age of 16, as outlined in the Constitution of the Republic of Armenia. That will later bring the child to psychological pressure, and later it does not ensure the child’s rights to life, education, labor, religion, sex and parental caregiving.

The third point links to the rights of the groups of refugees that were formed as a result of certain situations taking place in the country, including the rights of the groups of refugee children. Every child has a right to life, education, parental caregiving, support by the state, preservation of religion and sex, later on the rights to labor and the acquisition of ownership. We can endlessly list those rights, but it is necessary to note the most important:  it regards all children, despite racial belonging, sex, religion, social shape and the level of educatedness. The most important is to recognize this all and to help all those who need this.