Angelina Hakobyan’s Speech during the “Child’s Rights in the Eyes of Children” Conference

They have always told us that children deserve the best. This is proven by the Convention on the Rights of Children, adopted decades ago. A document which should protect the rights of all children despite where you are from. The war of September 2020 portrayed that the reality is a little bit different. The world is not pink, and we all grew up, and we understood many things way too early.

Today is the International Day for the Protection of Children. I want to express my wish, the wish of Artsakh children. That is, be heard by the world. Demand the world by the child’s rights not to act blind and deaf. Let the world know that I have a right to education, and I really like to learn; nevertheless, that is difficult for me today because I am forced to continue my studies with people I do not know, in an unfamiliar environment. I have lost my authentic school, where I studied with excellence.

Every child has the right for the protection of personal life. The life of many of my peers is endangered daily. Their school is under direct view, and till today they hear shootings in their area of residence. Every child has a right to live in a healthy environment. It seems as if there is no need to raise awareness about this; however, the war of 2020 again proved the opposite.

Artsakh children and I also have a right to be protected.

I am Angelina from the Hadrut region of Artsakh. I have a caring and loving family. I live in the world’s most wonderful country, Artsakh. I want to congratulate us all for this day and wish us a carefree childhood. World, listen to us, we love our fatherland, and we have a right to live in a peaceful and secure country.