“We attach importance to the right of a child to be heard”. On Universal Children’s Day the Defender met Vahagn (video)

On the occasion of Universal Children’s Day Dr. Arman Tatoyan met with Vahagn Serobyan, who expressed his wish to meet the Human Rights Defender of Armenia.

Vahagn who studies in the 5th grade, was interested in the procedure of applying to the Defender, as well as told about his daily activities and preferences.

“We attach importance to the right of a child to be heard. Everyone should take into account children’s opinion and the best interest of the child should be considered in decision making that affect them. The grow up in family environment and upbringing also derive from that best interest”.

Dr. Arman Tatoyan gave books as present to Vahagn, made an agreement to discuss the content of the books during next meeting, as well as heard the child’s recommendation with regard to the protection of their rights.