Using family tragedy and private life to collect likes and views is impermissible: The Human Rights Defender’s statement about the photos published on the internet

After the tragic death of a father and children, personal information and even photos from the scene are spread on the Internet. Moreover, in some cases it is done in a way that person’s private life and family tragedy become subject of manipulation. The ongoing “discussions” look for those who are guilty, in some cases targeting the wife.

Such behavior in social networks and in separate websites is very concerning.

It is impermissible to collect likes or views by using family tragedy and disseminating photos of died children.

We should take into account that such behavior results in pain and suffering to those families. Moreover, in this way we create an opportunity for the photos be always available on the Internet and accompany those people throughout their lives, with all the negative consequences.

This is unacceptable in the light of values, perceptions and negative consequences in society.

I extend my condolences to the relatives of the those who have died.