“Safe child” mutual project will promote the protection of the child rights in internet environment

On 14th of February the Human Rights Defender Arman Tatoyan, the RA Minister of Education and Science Levon Mkrtchyan and the regional representatives of the “Kasperski
Laboratory” Armen Karapetyan and Samvel Zaqaryan had a joint meeting.

The meeting was aimed at implementing “Safe Kid” project in the scope of the cooperation, which should promote the protection of the rights of the children in virtual environment, develop the skills of the children and their parents of using the Internet safely, as well as to lift their level of awareness on the security rules of virtual environment.

The aim of the joint meeting is to unite the efforts of the participants to ensure the defense of the children in virtual environment therewith giving them a chance to use the wide potentiality of the Internet. During the meeting, the Parties agreed that “Kasperski Laboratory” will support to hold classes in schools on cyber-security, all teachers of the schools will be trained in cyber-security basics courses, and trainings for parents have been also foreseen.

Furthermore, the representatives of “Kasperski Laboratory” presented the potentials of the project.  In particular, it is foreseen to protect the children from visiting unacceptable Internet sites and searching information there. It was also noted that the project is able to control children’s activities on the Internet and provide reports to parents. The representatives of the Company also expressed willingness to provide this project to all schools in preferential terms.

It was also decided to organize a joint international conference in Armenia devoted to the children rights to safe environment on the Internet.