Gohar Tovmasyan’s Speech “The Problems of Children in the World of Adults” During the Conference “Child’s Rights through Children’s eyes”

On June 1, everyone honors children, speaks about their rights, and attaches importance to the behavior of society toward children. Of course, we feel well about this…

But, what is the right of a child?

In my opinion, children are humans just like adults, and they all have rights. For example, I wish to choose my clothes and hairstyle myself when I attend school. However, after not sharing the same opinion with my mother or grandmother, I attend school in a sad mood since what I wanted did not happen.

Another example:  I want to take my phone with me to school, but my parents do not allow me. Yes, that is a violation of my rights. After all, I am not the property of my parents. I am a human, just a little young.

And another thing: I want to wear contact lenses to school, but the doctors say that it is favorable that I wear glasses for the next few years so that I can throw them out forever. Now, I do not understand, is this the right of the doctor or my right?

I emphasize that I do not want to differentiate myself from adults or wiser people… I greatly value the advice of my father, mother, grandmother and grandfather.

For example, I desire to be like my father. My father is very hardworking and business-oriented, but I am not so much. I want to be organized like my mother. I want to cook tasty meals like my grandmother. When I am grown, I want to be a philanthropist like my grandfather. I will be like them; at the same time, however, I wish to keep my independence.

And I also want to live in a peaceful country since my other grandmother and grandfather live in Vardenis, and I care for them. 

I want to live in an independent country where all love one another, where youngsters and the elderly are paid special attention. 

I want to live in a proud country so that people from other countries visit to explore, leaving in wonder. To have all of this, I must study well.

Let me boast a little, I am at the top of our class. Do not worry, I know where to go if my rights or your rights are violated: the office of the Human Rights Defender.