Congratulatory address of RA Human Rights Defender Arman Tatoyan on the occasion of International Day for Protection of Children

The Republic of Armenia is an integral part of the international system responsible for children’s rights protection. Today, on 1June we are not only celebrating International Day for Protection of Children, but also once again reaffirming our commitment to ensure every child’s interest and their every right.

Unfortunately, there are fields in our country where children’s rights are being violated. The RA Human Rights Defender and his Staff take continues efforts for the protection of children’s rights. The new RA Constitutional Law on Human Rights Defender prescribes Defender’s mandate to conduct monitoring on the implementation of the provisions of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child, to prevent violations of children’s rights and protect thereof. Since 2016 Child’s Rights Protection Unit is operating at the Human Rights Defender’s Office.

In all matters concerning the protection of children’s rights, child’s interest should primarily be under the attention, and the right to live in a family is one of the most important rights of a child. This fundamental obligation raises responsibility for each of us to ensure child’s interest and create an environment for a child to grow up healthy, in a prosperous and happy family. Protecting rights of children, we are protecting our future.

Congratulations on the International Day for Protection of Children’s Rights. I wish a careless childhood, happy family and peaceful homeland for all our children.