We should treat families with special care and with high State commitment

Dear Compatriots,

I cordially congratulate all of us on the occasion of International Family Day.

Family is the basis for the population preservation and reproduction. In Armenia, family is always under protection and care of the State.

Families based on love and respect are the basis of forming high moral values and constitute the axis of civil society. Any violence undermines the very foundation of the family, negatively affects children’s healthy development and upbringing.

Love and respect for dignity and rights of one another ensures solidarity in the family. We should make all the efforts for preserving these values.

The family legislation of Armenia states the necessity of family strengthening, building family relations on the basis of mutual love and respect, the mutual support and responsibility of all the family members, the priority of children’s upbringing, their right to be heard, the realization of the family members’ rights without any obstacles, and the assurance of the possibility of judicial remedies.

It is already two decades that UN declared May 15 as the International Family Day, which aimed at drawing the international community’s attention to the issues of family protection and development. Armenia has declared this day as Family Day since 2011.

This is another unique opportunity to value family and emphasize the exceptional role that family plays in the development of the society and the state.


Arman Tatoyan

The RA Human Rights Defender